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Breast size is very important to many women. Unfortunately, genetics, pregnancy and breast-feeding, and weight loss can all play a part in the size and shape of our breasts. Some people feel that small breasts contribute to a distorted body image or low self-esteem and wish to increase the size of their breasts or fullness of their breasts in order to achieve better balance and symmetry, thus improving self-confidence.

Breast enhancement will give you your ideal bust line.

Good Candidates for Breast Enhancement

  • A non-smoker
  • Generally healthy, both physically and emotionally
  • Female, over the age of 18
  • At least 6 months post-partum

Procedure Description

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to increase the size of the breasts or improve symmetry of the breasts, by inserting an implant either under the breast tissue or the muscle wall. Breast implants may be either saline or silicone.

Breast augmentation is an outpatient surgery that takes place in a hospital setting under general anesthesia and takes about 1 hour. The incision line is usually at the base of the breast, making it inconspicuous and easily covered by the natural weight of the breast.


Most patients take about 1 weeks off of work, although you should be able to return to most normal, non-vigorous activities immediately. You will be prescribed narcotic pain medication and muscle relaxants to help ease your discomfort. Heavy lifting is limited, as are vigorous work-outs for the first few weeks.

Stitches are internal and dissolvable and therefore there are no stitches on the surface that have to be removed. A supportive type of sports bra will be worn for approximately 4-6 weeks after your augmentation surgery. You may resume all regular activities 6 weeks after surgery.

Implants continue to settle and improve their shape for 6-9 months, but are not meant to be “lifetime” devices. At some point, due to natural aging of the breast, hormones, gravity or weight fluctuations, you may wish to remove or replace your breast implants to maintain the appearance you desire.










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